On the occasion of Sergio Leone’s 90th birthday on January 3, 1929 and the 30th anniversary of his death on April 30, 1989, we are going to show all seven films he directed from THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES to ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA in their uncut and restored version.

"Sergio Leone is a singular figure among Italian filmmakers of the postwar era: his films grow in reputation year after year. Groundbreaking westerns such as his "Dollars" trilogy and the authoritative Once Upon a Time in the West have made Leone one of the most popular and influential directors in world cinema."
Christopher Frayling in "Sergio Leone: Something to Do with Death"

April 25 - 28, 2019

Premiere: Thu, April 25 at 18:00: AYKA (in the presence of director Sergey Dvortsevoy and lead actress Samal Yeslyamova)

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Beyond the Fear of Singing explores the existential gap between ‘performers’ and ‘non-performers’, the healing journey of acceptance and emergence from hiding our voices, and a global grassroots return, both individually and collectively, to appreciation for our natural voice and unique song.

Screening on May 6 at 20:15 with singing hosts Sybille Mikula & Robert Böhm


Tuesday, June 18 (2018) marks the 50th anniversary of Sam Peckinpah's THE WILD BUNCH (1969) with William Holden & Ernest Borgnine.

On that very day we feature a special screening of the epic Western.


Directed by: Carol Reed
Cast: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Trevor Howard, Paul Hörbiger
1949, 104 min.

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