AFA Movie Club

Politics in Fashion

Original version (no more shows planned at the moment)
Plot Outline

On June 7, AFA Movie Club will be showing a selection of short films by female creators, fashion designers and filmmakers in collaboration with Girls in Film:

- An Ode to Teenagehood by Celia Arias
- Tall are the Roots by Fenn O’Meally
- The Rainbow Dress by Moa Wiking
- Vivienne Westwood: COP27 Speech by the Vivienne Foundation
- My Little Black Dress - Visual Poem by Leni Charles and Cherrellone (from Kids of the Diaspora)
-  //_I_OWN_MY_LIGHT_PINK_// by amaaena, production Maria Burtscher
- I See You by Somayeh
- Include Me by Alessandra Kurr

The screening will be accompanied by a talk about the role of politics in fashion and vice versa between Becs Rainey, head of Girls in Film UK and Adia Trischler, who has worked as a curator, cultural and fashion historian, journalist, moderator and video director.
The two will discuss the films shown and their diverse topics, e.g. identity politics, environment and racism, talk about their role as women in the film industry, the politics involved and the topics of their own work. The talk will be held in English.


Short films