Okabre Live Film Score


The Okabre collective presents Trans Cutucu (CH/EC 2009) by Lisa Faessler, a documentary about a road being built in the Amazonian rainforest, and the effect it has on the native population. The special screening on June 11 at 20:45 will be accompanied by an alternate composition film score performed in real-time.

Ticket price: 15€ (5€ for nonstop-subscription holders)

Okabre Live Film Score
Live Film Score by Okabre


Date Time Room Price
Großer Saal € 15.00 Tickets
Lisa Faessler
Plot Outline

The mountain massif of Cutucú in the south of the Amazon region in Ecuador was a kind of defense against the environmental destruction for the native population but in the same time an obstacle. The people had no access to the modern world outside. The road through the Cutucú now allows mobility in order to exploit the fossil resurces but it grants the natives a way to reach the so called civilized world. The process happens in an unspectacular way. Where progress starts it cannot be stopped anymore. Escavating, digging, shovelling, grubbing, selling and buying: everyday madness.