Fellini: I'm a Born Liar - Fellini's 100th birthday

On the occasion of Federico Fellini's 100th birthday on January 20 we will show the documentary FELLINI: I'M A BORN LIAR.

Directed by Damian Pettigrew
FR/IT/UK 2002, 105 min.
With Federico Fellini, Roberto Benigni, Donald Sutherland, Italo Calvino, Terence Stamp

Fellini: I'm a Born Liar - Fellini's 100th birthday
Original language version (English, French, Italian) with English subtitles


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Studio € 9.00 Tickets
Damian Pettigrew
Roberto Benigni, Luigi 'Titta' Benzi, Italo Calvino, Dante Ferretti, Rinaldo Geleng, Federico Fellini, Terence Stamp, Donald Sutherland, Nanni Moretti
Plot Outline

A look at Fellini's creative process. In extensive interviews, Fellini talks a bit about his background and then discusses how he works and how he creates. Several actors, a producer, a writer, and a production manager talk about working with Fellini. Archive footage of Fellini and others on the set plus clips from his films provide commentary and illustration for the points interviewees make. Fellini is fully in charge; actors call themselves puppets.