Digital Live Q&A

DECISION TO LEAVE (2022) - Thursday, February 2 at 19:20
Premiere followed by an on-screen live Q&A with director Park Chan-wook, Best Director Award winner at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

Digital Live Q&A
Original version with English subtitles


Date Time Room Price
Großer Saal € 10.50 Tickets
Großer Saal € 10.50 Tickets
Großer Saal € 10.50 Tickets
Großer Saal € 10.50 Tickets
Park Chan-wook
Park Hae-il, Tang Wei, Lee Jung-hyun, Park Yong-woo, Go Kyung-pyo, Kim Shin-young, Yoo Seung-mok, Jung Yi-seo, Jung Young-sook
Plot Outline

From a mountain peak in South Korea, a man plummets to his death. Did he jump, or was he pushed? When detective Hae-joon arrives on the scene, he begins to suspect the dead man’s wife Seo-rae. But as he digs deeper into the investigation, he finds himself trapped in a web of deception and desire.